How To Race With Us

Thanks for considering joining our series, we'd love to see you there!

Will you earn the title of British Champion in our 10 round championship series? We also run a selection of individual meetings too. All our events are open to a range of classes.

Follow 3 easy steps:

1. Join our club and choose your class

via the Club Membership form located below. Joining our club membership gives you a great selection of perks.

2.  Get your license

via the NORA 92 website. To race or practice with us you will need to hold a valid NORA annual license. These are available on the NORA website. (Choose 'Youth 150 Oval' for youth riders or 'Adult Competition' for adult riders).

Alternatively, single-use day licenses will also be available at our meetings if required, charged at £15.

3.  Enter the series

All the rounds must be entered via the rider entry form. You can enter for the full year to secure your position throughout, or, you can enter round by round on a first come, first served basis. There are limited spaces at each round.