Race Entries

Entries are currently open for March 25th Evening Practice and March 26th Round 1 of the Dirt Track Events Championship at Kings Lynn Speedway

Sidecars - we are now full, if you are interested in round 1 get in touch. If we gain another 4 crews, we will look at adding extra heat. 

Event Timings

Practice 25th March - 5 PM - 9 PM

Round 1 26th March - Sign on at 9 AM for an 11 AM practice. Racing to follow.

There is limited space in each class. It is first come first served. Once the class is full it will be taken off the entry form.

Please note all riders that have paid for the full season in advance have automatically been entered into every round, including Round 1. You will still need to complete the entry form but your place is reserved. You will, however, need to pay for the practice evening as this is not included in the full series entry.  

How Do I Enter?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page, then make the correct payment via bank transfer. Your space is not confirmed until payment has been received. Payment instructions are below.

Please make the correct payment for the round and classes you are entering and the day licence fee (if required) or your entry will be rejected. 

Entry Fees for Practice:


Entry Fees for Round 1:

£50 Solos

£55 Sidecars

£25 Per Additional Class

Day/Weekend Licence (if you don't hold a valid NORA license):

£15 per rider

As a thank you for all the support in 2021, all guests and spectators will be able to attend free of charge for Practice and Round 1. 


Payment Instructions 

Please make your payment at the time of entering. Race event applications will not be confirmed until payment has been received. 

All payments must be made via bank transfer:  

Name: Dirt Track Events

Account Number: 73534449

Sort Code: 04-00-04

Reference: please use riders first initial, followed by their surname and race number e.g TSmith13


Evening Practice and Round 1 - 25th & 26th March 2022


Please read the following statements and sign below, to confirm your understanding and acceptance.

  • I understand and will comply with the rules and regulations of NORA Motorsport.

  • I confirm that the information given on this application form and any supporting documentation is true and complete. I have taken full responsibility for completing the form and have not delegated any part of my responsibilities to any other person. If I provide false information, I understand that I may face financial penalties and NORA may take disciplinary action against me, which may lead to my licence being permanently withdrawn.

  • I will not do anything that could damage the reputation of or have any negative effect on motorsport generally. I understand that if I do so, NORA may take disciplinary action against me.

  • I undertake to make no use of drugs or of prohibited methods such as are defined in The Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Code of the WADA and by the Anti-Doping regulations (www.wada-ama.org).

  • I agree to NORA’s Medical Consultant obtaining medical reports (if required) from any doctor who has ever seen me about anything which affects my physical or mental health.

  • I understand that if any medical conditions arise during the validity of my licence, including (but not limited to) accidents at motorsport events, I must inform NORA prior to competing in any further NORA motorsport events.

  • I understand NORA needs to collect and process the personal information about me which is contained in this application in order to issue my licence and to perform its obligations under the General Regulations. I also understand NORA would like to use such information for other purposes, as specified in its current Data Protection Policy but, before doing so, NORA will seek my consent in accordance with the Data Protection Policy, a copy of which can be found at www.nora92.com. A hard copy is available on request.

  • A competitor shall not have time off school to participate in motorsport without the prior written approval of their school.

  • I understand that any Competition Licence issued will remain the property of NORA which reserves the right to withdraw or suspend it at any time. The reason(s) for any withdrawal or suspension shall be stated.

  • I will not take part in any competition where I have doubts to my safety

  • I will satisfy myself , through sighting lap or other means, that the track / circuit is acceptable to me with regards to its features and physical layout

  • I will ensure that before I take part, I feel that I am competent enough to compete in the event and on the circuit.

  • I will ensure that my vehicle complies with the technical regulations of the event and that it is in a fit condition for the event.

  • I agree to accept the risk of injury or death that is inherent in Motorsport and agree to take part at my own risk.

Which Day(s) are you entering
Class(es) (Flat Track riders - please choose either A or B in line with your club membership)