Events Calendar

Dates & Venues

The Championship

⁃ 25th April: practice day at Kings Lynn Stadium

⁃ 1st & 2nd May: rounds 1 & 2 of the championship at Redcar Speedway

⁃ 15th & 16th May: rounds 3 & 4 of the championship at Peterborough 

⁃ 11th July: rounds 5 of the championship at Kings Lynn Stadium

- 9th October round 6 of the championship at Kings Lynn Stadium

Non-Championship Events

⁃ 10th October: Paul Pinfold Memorial at Kings Lynn Stadium  (on the saturday night we will host our championship awards presentation)

Please note that dates and venues are subject to change. Camping will be available for all double rounds. Timings will be communicated in advance of each date. Please note, you can’t drop a round in the championship. All championship rounds will contribute towards the championship points and if you miss a round then your overall points will be impacted.